Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gettin' Hitched!

A friend of ours got married this June. Her sister-in-law threw her a lovely bridal shower... and... I was in charge of  decorating! Well technically, I kind of kept asking if I could help and me thinks I put her in an awkward place and she couldn't refuse. So much for wedding etiquette huh? I wonder if they were planning to invite me in the first place... hmmmm.... food for thought.

Her wedding colour palette was ivory, brown and pink. I simply love damask and decided to use it on the paper products I designed for the shower.

And now onto a whole bunch of pictures with bad lighting. The bride-to-be was welcomed in with a banner that read 'Blessings!'.

Martha Stewart's pom-poms were everywhere. Obviously!

I love perfume bottles! The clear shimmering glass and beautiful shapes make me feel like a child at Christmas. I have collected a few over time and used them here to put in a couple of pink Dutch roses. The tall vases are drinking glasses with shiny silver pebbles and twigs. To add to all that shimmer, we (my sweet assistant a.k.a husband and I) strung little crystals (fake plastic ones) on them. The dry rose petals are from a whole lot of potpourri the bride-to-be supplied.

The glass votives with pink tealights were the bride's sister-in-law's idea. They were so pretty all lit up. This was one time I wished I had an awesome fancy schmancy camera.

And finally, favour boxes!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not quite there

I've made so many less than perfect photo frames.

With no training or background in art or anything remotely related to paper craft, everything I've created so far has been trial and error. The internet helps a whole lot, but still there's only so much help you can get right?

I remember not being too happy with a photo frame I made with blue ribbons. I fortunately have a wonderful family who treasures every piece of below par product I craft. I know this frame is happily sitting somewhere in my mum's house.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Say Boutonnière

Boutonnières, as it turns out, are what I've always called 'button hole thingys'. Weddings come around and make you learn the real names, though pronunciation is a story for another day. I was asked to make a few of these by a bride who generously supplied me with a ton of potpourri. Again... pronunciation for another day. Armed with an extra large plastic bag of dried everything and ribbons and beads I attempted some 'Bouts' as I fondly refer to them now :)

Here's a picture overload!

Packed and ready to go. 

Getting ready for action at the wedding. 

Photo credit - Arpiture Photography 

* all images except the last one are mine.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sugar and Spice

... and everything nice! I know you completed that one in your head.

Little girls just tug at my heart strings. They all remind me of my brat of a niece who I adore. So when I was asked to make a picture frame for a 4 year old girl, I jumped at the opportunity.

There had to be pink of course; with some orange accents.