Thursday, March 29, 2012


… It was that or Hat Trick. Yup… I’m really that unimaginative. And no… I’m not a Cricket person.

I bought some beautiful wrapping paper a while ago in all the colours that were available – cream, pink, purple, blue and green. I loved their versatility and rich colour… until I ran out of it. And now my hunt is on for replacement paper that can inspire me as only these could. I heart you floral shiny paper… and as pathetic as this may sound… I miss you L

Here are the three-of-a-kind frames I made…

 And the other two frames from the deeper coloured papers…

P.S: In case you got this far and are wondering… the green frame neither got completed nor saw the light of day since that picture was taken. All that negative criticism broke its little heart. I really should make ‘Love it, Hate it’ a regular feature. Not that the comments would ever increase from that unblinking ‘0’ that’s always staring back at me… but a girl can hope, can’t she?