Monday, January 3, 2011

Small Doses of Happiness

So I finally made those cupcakes that I’ve been dreaming forever of making. Despite all those lovely recipes online and in magazines, I chose to use my mum’s age old trusted Brownie recipe from her completely falling apart, 30 year old ‘What’s cooking in Bangalore?’ recipe book.  And of course I needed to get a little help from her too ;)

Here’s how they turned out. 

I found that reindeer cupcake topper at a local store selling Christmas décor and it was stock piled with all the other decorations.  Six pieces for Rs. 26 - YAY!!! 

I think they’re actually fruit/ food picks, but works well this way don’t you think?

See that book falling apart? Thirty years of being cooked and spilled over does that.

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