Saturday, November 5, 2011


There is just one little girl in this world who I would do anything for. Just an itsy bitsy thing who makes my heart melt every time she says “aa-aaunty”. My niece, Shruthi, celebrated her 4th birthday this October.

She loves twirling around in poofy dresses till she’s dizzy! So my sister decided that Shruthi would enjoy a ballerina themed party. Here are some details!

I really wanted to try the ‘Rose Cake’ in a light pink shade with the new Americolor food colours a friend brought from the US for me. So I used this opportunity and made one.

The ‘ballerina’ unfortunately didn’t come out as well as I'd hoped. I piped it out with melted white chocolate and dusted it with silver luster dust from Wilton. Though it didn’t look great, it was delicious! Obviously! It’s chocolate!

My sister made a gorgeous cupcake stand. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of just the stand.

The cupcake toppers and birthday banner is TomKat Studio inspired! I downloaded some of her free templates and changed them around to suit the ballerina theme.

I used some of the remaining toppers on straws for the kids. Also in the last minute I came across some party hats in pink. The kids loved them!

We found some white paper bags for party favours for the kids. The silhouette was my sister's idea. So pretty!

The cake was chocolate with buttercream frosting.

Shruthi loved her cake…

...and all the presents!

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