Wednesday, July 17, 2013


…. FAIL!!! My intentions were good, my vision…set in stone. A sprinkling of common sense was really what was lacking.

I had my head in the clouds for quite some time before my husband’s 30th birthday. Dead broke, I thought I’d bake him the cake of his dreams. Some dream that turned out to be.

Procrastination, the motherload of all sins got me. I put off every single thing until 4 hours before the birthday family gathering. And then the other motherload of all that it’s cracked up to be, panic, set in. I could’ve done with some ‘last minute- examination- quickly grasping half theorems’ panic… but obviously nothing useful was going to happen to me on that day. Instead I got a case of the useless nerves that just had me running around being counterproductive.

It’s supposed to be the sky, with a biplane flying through the clouds. Yeah… takes a whole lot of imagination.

Those white blobs… *shuffling feet and staring at the floor, super embarrassed* … are cake pop clouds.

Changes in photography angles weren't going to do the cake any favours either. 

My saving grace? The cake (considering all the drama) was pretty good to eat.

And… I did Google motherload. It apparently means something else. 

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