Friday, June 29, 2012

We Built This City

I just couldn’t resist it. Throughout this project I kept singing this song and drove my husband mad.  Anyway… we built a city. Kind of.

Like my husband doesn’t have enough fun at office with the music band and free food, they ask the teams to describe their business process in creative ways. And while other teams opted to create PowerPoint presentations and videos, it was paper models for my husband’s team. I have this strange feeling that he must have edged them on knowing he has a wife at home who’s crazy for anything paper.

I spent my entire weekend recycling paper, inhaling thermocol dust, building models of non-existent buildings and cracking useless jokes with my apprentice a.k.a husband. The last time I mentioned him in a post, he was an assistant. And now he has successfully graduated to apprenticeship.

So here’s how our conversations rolled:

Husband: I think I’ll call this city ‘Constantinul’
(Yeah, he said 'Constantinul' cause he thinks, “Istanbul is Constantinul’ rhymes and sings much better that “Istanbul Not Constantinople. )
Me: What? Seriously? That’s so lame!
Husband: Can you think of something better?
Me: Yeah. Cityship.

Husband throws me a you-stupid-troll look. And I throw him a look-who’s-talking-you-man-who-married-a-stupid-troll look right back. Ok, my look was much longer and he might’ve turned halfway through thinking I’m weird for looking at his nose for so long. But you get the general idea… any idea? No? Nothing. OK… So moving on…

Here are the buildings I’ve been rambling on about. The picture clarity isn’t great. The roads and the sets were all done by my husband’s colleagues. My only contributions were…

The club house….

The hospital… (I did not stick that larger than life doctor there, in case anyone's wondering :D But gotta love the ambulance!)

 The green roof house…

      The purple hotel...

 And the red roof house and the grey hotel. 

The black and yellow office building was made entirely by my husband.

After all those less than perfect, hurriedly constructed buildings, here’s a beauty that just blew us away. My husband heard about a businessman who might be able to help with making model buildings. He churned out this beautiful building in wood with just 3 days notice. My husband describes him as an old soul. He constructed this building for us free of charge; just for the love of it. How refreshing it is to know that people like him still exist! Here’s the amazing building, the design of which is loosely based on a Larsen & Toubro building in the city.

Completely unrelated... I plan on continuing using song titles as blog post titles. For some strange reason “We didn’t start the fire” keeps ringing in my mind. I could wear a black suit, stand in front of my husband’s burning paper city and sing that song. Ohhh… with glares. I’d so totally pull off the look!

P.S: My husband and I maybe suffering from a slight obsession with the classics J But who isn’t right?

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