Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christmas in October!

A friend of mine came down from the US about 6 months and gave me a book called 24 – Hour Sewing Projects by Linda Causee. I’ve never done any real time sewing project before, and as easy and interesting as everything looked in the book, I decided to start on something real easy -especially since I don’t have a sewing machine.

A section on Christmas Ornaments!!! How could I ever let that one slide? I had to try them. The book illustrated a star and an angel made from the most beautiful white fabric with gold brocade. Should I really go out and buy lovely fabric just to waste it on my experimental sewing? So when I dropped by my parent’s place one weekend I found some left over fabric from a blouse my sister had tailored eons ago and some sofa cover fabric left over from my parent’s recently re-upholstered sofa (green and perfect for a Christmas tree!) Once I got home I traced the patterns from the book onto the fabric and then hand sewed the fabric.

While I stayed true to design on the star, I made slight changes to the design of the Christmas tree. But later while stuffing the tree with cotton, I realized that my new design was much more difficult to ‘shape’. Anyways, below are pictures of the end product. Come Christmas, I may actually make them for real!

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