Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pillow Boxes

As I had mentioned on an earlier post, there was a pre-wedding phase in my life when favour boxes became my sole obsession. So much that I made 800 – 900 handcrafted pillow boxes for my wedding. I did take the help of some friends eventually, but 80% of the work was done by me. Ridiculous I know! It went on till the night before the wedding day because I wanted to make 1000 boxes. I’m so glad I got that obsession out of my system.

Here are some pictures of some boxes I made later, when sanity returned and I had some time on my hands. These can be used as little gift boxes for jewellery, key chains etc.

And here’s a picture of my favour boxes taken by a friend.

At the end of my wedding day the only thing I apparently kept repeating to my husband was "Thank God we get married only once!"


  1. very pretty ! and I love the pink n gold version of the wedding favor boxes' love your blog :)

  2. The pillow boxes are beautifull as all your other crafts.
    And all are stuff that can be used everyday or for special occasions.
    I love them all.

  3. Pretty pretty... love the purple star one!

  4. @Anita - Thank you Ani! It's yours when we meet.

  5. Hey! Where is my pillow box? This looks so cute.