Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Evolution of my Birthday Banners

I heart birthday banners! They’re such a fun expression of joy and almost always creep their way into a birthday planning process. After years of using the regular store bought version, I decided to make something on my own. So the easiest was to rip off the ribbon on which the alphabets hang and stick them haywire like the image below.

For my dad’s 70th birthday, I decided to make one on my own. So I used those tacky alphabets as stencils and drew them out on pretty white paper, cut them out and pasted them on pretty dark blue paper circles and strung on a dark blue ribbon. Here’s the image and it’s really sad that the beauty of that paper is not captured on this photo. I have a point and shoot camera and this is as good as my pictures get :(

Sometime down the road, in my boredom, I decided to start a company that specializes in kid’s birthday party paper products. Like banners, party hats, decorations etc. I went about designing a birthday banner drawing inspiration from various banners I came across on the internet. The banner featured below was designed on Photoshop and hand cut by me.

And that’s how my version of Birthday Banners go…

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