Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cake Pops... At last!

I read Bakerella's blog religiously and dream of making (and eating) those wonderful little things called Cake Pops. My excuse was that I didn't have most ingredients. I finally decided to try it anyway... and I'm so pleased that I did. They aren't perfect but they taste awesome!!!

This little doggie's ears are just a couple of Kellog's choco flakes. For the nose I bought Cadbury's Gems... those colourful ones and peeled off the candy coating... like I loved to do as a kid. The eyes and mouth are drawn on with edible ink sketches that a friend brought from the US. But for some reason they weren't writing well on chocolate. And yeah, I used microwave melted Milky bars for the white coating and not candy melt or even cooking chocolate.

I had asked my sister to buy me a few mini cupcake liners from the US. What I didn't realize then was that I didn't have a mini cupcake baking tray. I was looking for an alternative use for them and found inspiration on the internet. How I wish I had discovered these before my SIL's baby shower!

These came out ok for an experiment I guess. Next time round definitely got to give attention to detail, cleaner lines and finish.

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