Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Eggs

I was absolutely blown away by a bird nest tutorial I found on iambaker’s blog. With four kids I’d just be mad and NOT baking amazing goodies and blogging about it. I’m pretty much stark raving crazy without even so much as a pet to care for.

It looked so good that I decided to ape it. I’m not a very inspired human being as I sometimes fake people into believing me to be.

I used the cookie dough recipe and tutorial for the nest, but wanted to make cake pops as the eggs. These were a disaster as I experimented with a different kind of chocolate that didn’t work too well. The end result of both the nest and eggs were pretty clumsy… but fortunately most of it was covered in chocolate. When there’s chocolate involved it makes everything look better... it impairs vision and judgement and makes your brain one big mush of joy. You look at the world through rose tinted glasses. That’s strangely beginning to sound like an illegal drug… but really… chocolate makes the world so much easier to live in.

I packed and gave them away to my parents, sister’s family, in-laws and a couple of friends… all the people who’ll take the worst thing I could cook up and find something to appreciate. Awesome strategy I say! And I know you’re reading this and nodding to yourself cause you’ve done it a million times too. Yeah… you, giggling behind your computer monitor. Rascally rabbit!

Here they are, all prettily packaged disguising the too-many-to-be-named flaws.

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