Friday, April 22, 2011

Giant Note Tags!

This Easter I plan on baking some treats for friends and relatives. I thought I’d package them in a transparent plastic bag and tie a paper tag on it with Easter wishes. So thinking to myself that I'm very organized and all that jazz I started work on the note tags. But as usual, a simple, quick project is never complete unless it's blown unnecessarily out of proportion. And that earlier mentioned organized self, loses time (in what I prefer to call detailing) and  gets set back a full day on the baking schedule and may have to just give people plastic bags and note tags :(

I came across these lovely Easter cards and fell in love with the simplistic and Spartan approach. Totally inspired I opened up my box of ribbons and knick knacks and there began the saga of giant note tags. I just wanted to keep making them! They’re so easy to put together and the results are stunning!

The fourth one with the purple roses... that was my husband's idea. He said "Don't tell anyone I'm making suggestions when you are crafting". I can keep a secret. No one reads my blog right? 

Here's a gratifying shot of all the cards together.

Even though they’re bigger (much, much bigger) than normal note tags, I plan on using them anyway. 

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