Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I’ve had to put much thought into phrasing this post and realized that it’s actually pretty simple. We wanted to celebrate the awaited birth of my sister-in-law’s baby. Oh wait! Didn’t we already do that? Not the traditional way! So my mom-in-law hosted a Valaikaapu ceremony.

I’m not sure about the exact ceremony and there’s been a lot of debate about what it could mean to a Christian… but I know for a fact that we didn’t really care. It was an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the new life and thank God for this blessing. And what greater joy than being surrounded by people who’ve seen you in diapers huh?

I think my mom-in-law sort of made up customs… none of us were sure for certain… but the ceremony was beautiful, simple and meaningful.  And I’m sure my SIL loved it!

And who can say no to colourful bangles?!!!

My contribution wasn’t much this time around… but I did manage to squeeze in a few of my origami square paper boxes. They were big enough to hold a couple of bangles, a banana, some beetle leaf and nuts, a piece of turmeric and a rose.

So colourful! So pretty! Me likey a lot!!!

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